Our Mission

Our goal and mission at the Hispanic Chefs Association is to EDUCATE and ELEVATE our community and fellow culinary enthusiasts. We will be educators, mentors, role models, guides and friends that come along side you and are willing to help you and others. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of chefs and culinary experts. One of the core tenants of the HCA will be development of leadership skills and the tools needed to teach those skills to others in the community. As well as inform the community about the why’s of Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Community across a multi-generational spectrum. And to inform them of the educational opportunities through our academic and trade partnerships.

Our Vision

EDUCATE and ELEVATE the Hispanic community across a multi-generational spectrum. Develop the Hispanic Chefs Association into a World Class Chefs Association through the following:

  • Educational Seminars with industry professionals in the culinary world.
  • Cooking competitions such as Hispanic Top Chef.
  • Leadership training Seminars with World Class Leaders.
  • Partnerships with organizations with similar aligned a vision.
  • Partnerships with academic institutions that with help us Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Community.
  • Use Digital Technology Tools & HRA Media as an Information and Influence medium to accomplish the Vision and Mission.
  • Seek sponsorships from appropriate organizations with similarly aligned visions.
  • Utilize the Restaurant Vendors and Suppliers Network to help Chefs and Restaurants operate effectively and efficiently.
  • Hold festivals and award ceremonies to celebrate achievements.
  • Develop the Latin Supper Club Series to Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Chef and raise the profile of Latin infused cuisine.
  • Be a networking mechanism to help each other solve problems, seek opportunities, better ourselves and others.
  • Have a Hispanic Chef's Association Member Leadership Council to develop strategy, methodologies and tools to grow the organizations influence and profile.