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Our goal is to bring a team of World Class culinary and restaurant industry professionals together to educate and elevate those around us and those we are trying to help.

What we do to accomplish our mission

The mission of the Hispanic Restaurant Association is to promote unity and cultural exchange through the universal language of food. We believe that regardless of our diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, we all share the common bond of enjoying meals together. By collaborating and supporting one another, we can create extraordinary culinary experiences and facilitate mutual growth. We are dedicated to providing assistance to Hispanic restaurateurs, chefs, and back-of-thehouse staff, recognising their invaluable contributions. Through these connections, we aim to empower and uplift both the Hispanic and restaurant communities, leaving a lasting impact for future generations. Let us join hands, share meals, and construct a brighter future together..

The Hispanic Restaurant Association

Is a professional organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of Hispanic-owned restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry. It serves as a collective voice for its members, advocating for their needs and working towards their success.

One of the key focuses of the association is to provide its members with resources and tools to enhance their operations and profitability. This includes access to educational programs, industry insights, and best practices tailored specifically to the needs of Hispanic restaurants. By offering training and guidance in areas such as culinary techniques, business management, marketing, and customer service, the association helps its members thrive in a competitive market.

The Hispanic Restaurant Association also plays a vital role in fostering networking opportunities among its members. By facilitating connections and collaborations within the industry, it encourages knowledge sharing, idea generation, and partnerships that can lead to growth and innovation.

In addition to its internal support, the association strives to raise awareness and appreciation for Hispanic cuisine and culture. It organizes events, food festivals, and culinary showcases that highlight the diverse flavors, traditions, and culinary talents within the Hispanic community. By promoting these unique culinary experiences, the association helps create visibility and recognition for its members while enriching the overall culinary landscape.

Overall, the Hispanic Restaurant Association serves as a dynamic platform that empowers Hispanic restaurant owners, fosters community, and celebrates the rich cultural heritage expressed through their food. Through advocacy, support, and promotion, the association contributes to the vibrancy and success of the Hispanic restaurant industry.

Meet The Team


John Jaramillo

President & Co-Founder

Pablo Aya

Executive Chef

Senior Leadership, Hispanic Chefs Association

Vice Chairman, Quetzales Guide

Drue Jaramillo

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Treasurer

Erasmo Casiano

Owner & Executive Chef, Create Foods

Manny Barella

President, Hispanic Chefs Association

Brian Krueger

Regional Business Development, Krusteaz

Caleb Benton

VP of Operations, Food is Family Hospitality Group

Zuri Resendiz

Senior Manager, Hispanic Chefs Association

Owner & Executive Chef, Luchador Food Truck

Advisory committee

Our Co-Founders

John Jaramillo

Selene Nestor