Our promise to you

The Hispanic Restaurant Association is a professional organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of Hispanic-owned restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry. It serves as a collective voice for its members, advocating for their needs and working towards their success.

One of the key focuses of the association is to provide its members with resources and tools to enhance their operations and profitability. This includes access to educational programs, industry insights, and best practices tailored specifically to the needs of Hispanic restaurants. By offering training and guidance in areas such as culinary techniques, business management, marketing, and customer service, the association helps its members thrive in a competitive market.

The Hispanic Restaurant Association also plays a vital role in fostering networking opportunities among its members. By facilitating connections and collaborations within the industry, it encourages knowledge sharing, idea generation, and partnerships that can lead to growth and innovation. In addition to its internal support, the association strives to raise awareness and appreciation for Hispanic cuisine and culture. It organises events, food festivals, and culinary showcases that highlight the diverse flavours, traditions, and culinary talents within the Hispanic community. By promoting these unique culinary experiences, the association helps create visibility and recognition for its members while enriching the overall culinary landscape.

Our promise to you

The Hispanic Restaurant Association is recognized as a public charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service under §501(c)(3) IRC, EIN: 86-2313981. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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The HRA is proud to have an extensive membership network of amazing restaurants, caterers, vendors, suppliers, institutions, and much more. We created this network to help solve restauranteurs' problems and help spread awareness of the Hispanic culinary community. Specifically, we highlight partners that have earned our trust and respect because they have proven their commitment to educating and elevating the Hispanic community.

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