Zuri Resendiz

Senior Manager, Hispanic Chefs Association

Owner & Executive Chef, Luchador Food Truck

Chef Zuri Resendiz, the dynamic force behind the thriving Luchador food truck, embodies the spirit of transformation with his resounding mantra: "Transform culinary dreams into reality." Hailing originally from the vibrant culinary tapestry of Mexico City, Zuri's culinary journey was kindled by the culinary prowess of his maternal lineage - a lineage richly adorned with his mother, grandmother, and aunts who masterfully orchestrated flavours. Their culinary rivalry, playfully boasting about their unmatched skills, instilled in Zuri an unquenchable passion for the art of gastronomy.

Upon his migration to the United States in 2002, Zuri's foray into the culinary world commenced humbly, commencing as a diligent dishwasher. However, his insatiable hunger for culinary excellence swiftly propelled him from the dishwashing station to the heart of the kitchen. His adeptness with the knife and profound understanding of culinary intricacies became the cornerstone of his triumphant ascent.

In 2012, Zuri's culinary odyssey intersected with Elise Wiggins, the esteemed executive chef at Panzano. Within the nurturing confines of her mentorship, Zuri's trajectory soared, culminating in his elevation to the esteemed role of sous chef. With the advent of Wiggins' culinary haven, Cattivella, in 2017, Zuri seamlessly transitioned to this new gastronomic haven, ultimately ascending to the distinguished position of chef de cuisine. A new chapter unfurled as Zuri embarked on a culinary expedition, departing Cattivella in early August. His voyage led him to the culinary helm of Shanahan's Steakhouse at the illustrious 5085 South Syracuse Street, where he took the helm as the virtuoso executive chef.

Adding to the tapestry of his achievements, Zuri Resendiz has ventured into the realm of television. Illuminating screens twice on Guy's Grocery Games, his enigmatic presence and culinary prowess resonated deeply, capturing the attention of the Food Network.

Recently, Zuri has orchestrated a gastronomic revelation with his brainchild, the Luchador Food Truck, unveiled to the world in May. A herald of delectable innovation, Zuri Resendiz's mobile culinary haven has swiftly captured hearts and palates alike. This visionary endeavour unfurls as he sets his sights on orchestrating captivating holiday events and forging connections with breweries nestled in the heart of the Tech Center, an endeavour seamlessly interwoven with his vibrant residential tapestry.