Excellence, our Educational Philosophy.

It starts with our mind and our passion to make the world around us a better place. Find the right circle of influence and the right mindset. Let us help you find your center of influence and help you lead in your area of influence.


Education and access to education is a universal tool to help and fuel a great future for our community. The Hispanic Restaurant Association recognizes the need for a great education and access to it and will leverage our influence, an array of technological tools and the passion of our community to build a better future for our children and their children. Our goal is to impact many different segments of the Hispanic Community by leveraging technology, the community and our network of sponsors and most importantly the people who share a passion for leadership, inspiring others and leaving the world a better place than they found it. If that's you, join us for the journey ahead.

Educational Paths to Excellence

Food and Beverage Language Institute

This course can be the start of a life changing path with learning the English language and further development of leadership and business language and skills.


We will be excited to be extending internships to deserving young people who want to get a taste of the business world and all that it has to offer. As we provide our community partners with interns, we would like to see them offer a potential path of progression at least two levels up from where they enter.


As we grow we will award scholarships to deserving individuals within the Hispanic community to help them further their educational goals.

Universities and Colleges

We will be partnering with educational institutions and local companies and offering a path to excellence that will affect generations to come.

Online Tools

With current technology the stars are within the grasp of anyone with online access and a desire to learn. The key is recognizing and developing the mindset and culture that embraces it and allows it to flourish. The best place to start for free is the Khan Academy, linked here below: Khan Academy