John Jaramillo

President & Co-Founder

Born in Chamisal, New Mexico, John Jaramillo grew up in the Sangre De Christo Mountains of New Mexico in Chamisal, New Mexico. Having a very large family of 10, he loved hiking in the hills and mountains at a very young age. 

Moving to Colorado at the age of 7, he lived in cities such as Greeley, Kersey and Windsor, Colorado and graduated from Windsor High School. 

Being an adventurous person but a poor student he didn't have the grades to go to college, so he opted to join the US Navy right out of high school. That began a 20-year journey of high adventure across the globe and getting an education that culminated in a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and a military retirement from the US Navy. The stories of that journey are to be saved for times around a dinner table and campfires with fellow members of that fraternity. 


After retirement, He raised his son, Drue, as a single parent, from 1 year old until he was accepted into Johns Hopkins University and will graduate in 2023 with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics , Pure Math and a minor in Financial Economics. 

During this period, John focused on raising his son in a loving, supportive and stable environment and ensuring that education, mental and physical disciplines and family were the focus of Drue's life. John feels he succeeded in all those environments. 

Today, John is the President of the Hispanic Restaurant Association (HRA Est-March 2021) and leads it with Selene Nestor (Chief of Operations). Both are Co-Founders and equally develop parts of the organization.

The HRA is breaking new ground and has created culinary history and in the community by establishing the following in the 24 months in existence.

  • Nations first Hispanic Restaurant Week by Governor Polis
  • 2nd Hispanic Restaurant Week by Governor Stitt - Oklahoma
  • Nation's 1st Hispanic Chefs Association
  • Nation's 1st Hispanic Top Chef 
  • Nation's 1st Food and Beverage Language Institute 
  • Saved numerous restaurants from closing and helped with numerous openings
  • HRA established with Chef Fernando Stovell the world’s first Latin Food Guide called the Quetzales Guide (similar to other prominent food guide such as AA in the UK or The Michelin Guide)

These are just some of the milestones created by the HRA with many more to come. 

This brief bio highlights John's life and a forward-looking attitude of shaping the culinary world for the better with the help of a great team and the community.