Pablo Aya

Executive Chef

Senior Leadership, Hispanic Chefs Association

Vice Chairman, Quetzales Guide

With a remarkable 15+ years in the culinary realm, Chef Pablo Aya is a visionary craftsman who conjures unforgettable dishes from the freshest ingredients. Notably, he adeptly manages dining services across up to 100 tables, skillfully motivating his team to excel.

Chef Aya's commitment to quality is mirrored in his collaborations with local farms, ensuring a constant supply of premium ingredients. As a senior leader in the Hispanic Restaurant Association and the Hispanic Chef Association, his influence reaches beyond the kitchen.

Professional Highlights:

Origin Hotel - Golden, CO | Chef and B | May 2021 - Present Leading both the kitchen and front-of-house, Chef Aya oversees a team of 20+ staff members. His culinary ingenuity shines through in new recipes, menus, and impeccable event management.

Milk Market - Denver, CO | Executive Sous Chef | May 2020 - May 2021 Chef Aya masterfully manages inventory, safety, and new menu development, showcasing his meticulous approach.

Lia Restaurante Bar - Chia, Colombia | Executive Chef / Owner | Since March 2017

Entrepreneurial flair meets culinary finesse as Chef Aya curates pricing strategies, fosters local partnerships, and elevates brand identity.

Master Chef Mexico | Executive Chef | Jan 2016 - May 2019 Chef Aya's televised journey displays his mentoring prowess, organizational skills, and knack for creating magic under the spotlight.

Café Brazil - Denver, CO | Executive Chef | Jun 2017 - Dec 2017 Innovative recipes, precision inventory management, and culinary artistry characterize Chef Aya's tenure.

Casa San Isidro - Bogotá, Colombia | Executive Chef | Jan 2015 - Jan 2017 A testament to his dedication, Chef Aya refines culinary techniques, mentors staff, and ensures top-notch quality.

Culinary Genesis: Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, Miami, FL | 2007

Fluent in: Spanish (Native) and English (Full Professional/Bilingual)

Beyond the Plate:

Chef Aya's skills encompass problem-solving, leadership, menu planning, budgeting, and more. His artistry transforms meals into memorable experiences.

Chef Pablo Aya's journey embodies culinary excellence, leadership, and a profound connection to ingredients. Through his mastery, he paints a symphony of flavors, enriching the world of gastronomy.