We offer a comprehensive range of tools and programs that aim to propel the industry towards progress.

The Hispanic Restaurant Association (HRA) proudly stands as the pioneering restaurant association in the United States with a distinct emphasis on supporting the operational aspects of smaller restaurateurs, front and back-of-house team.

Our mission and vision are centered around EDUCATE and ELEVATE the entire restaurant industry. Here are a few illustrative instances:.

-We take immense pride in highlighting a selection of significant accomplishments within the Hispanic Restaurant Association (HRA). These achievements include the official recognition of Hispanic Restaurant Week by the Governors of Colorado and Oklahoma, which serves as a platform to celebrate Hispanic culinary excellence. Moreover, the HRA spearheaded the nation's inaugural Hispanic Top Chef competition, paving the way for talented Hispanic chefs to showcase their skills and creativity.

-The HRA established the first-ever Hispanic Chefs Association, uniting talented culinary professionals and fostering a supportive community. Furthermore, we pioneered the nation's first Food and Beverage Language Institute, enabling individuals to gain proficiency in specialized language skills crucial to the restaurant and beverage industry.

-These milestones demonstrate the HRA's commitment to promoting Hispanic culinary achievements, providing opportunities for growth, and paving the way for continued success in the industry.

Our primary objective is to EDUCATE and ELEVATE individuals within the restaurant industry.

We firmly believe that the restaurant and food service sector presents equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue the American Dream. This industry touches the lives of people worldwide. We recognize and appreciate your creative talents, your dedication to serving others, and your commitment to the communities in which you live, work, and engage. By becoming a member of the Hispanic Restaurant Association, you gain a steadfast ally focused on your success. As individuals who have operated in various roles, including as operators, suppliers, and educators, we understand the challenges you face because we have encountered them firsthand. We are unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding the best interests of our members. Our objective is to empower you to achieve unprecedented levels of success. Whether you are an operator, supplier, student, or instructor, our industry is constantly subject to new issues, challenges, and policies that can impact your business. Rest assured, we are prepared to support you so that you can concentrate on effectively managing your business.

*It’s important to note that the HRA reserves the right to review and approve or reject membership applications at its sole discretion, ensuring the association maintains its integrity and aligns with its goals.