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Our mission is to assist you in navigating the hospitality industry, catering to your needs, whether it's securing full- time hours for ongoing bookings or providing flexible shifts that accommodate your studies and personal commitments. We are here to support you every step of the way.

At Hispanic Restaurant Association Recruitment, we believe in building personal connections with every candidate. We strive to understand your motivations, career aspirations, and preferred workplace. We also maintain regular check-ins to ensure your well-being and assess your progress. Our team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, shift changes, or payment-related matters. You can reach us conveniently via phone or WhatsApp whenever you need our support.
We cater to all sectors of the hospitality industry across the entire USA. Whether you aspire to be a chef, waitress, bar manager, receptionist, general manager, restaurant manager, we cover all positions. Our expertise lies in working with prestigious establishments, collaborating with some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the USA.
Our pride stems from our ability to find the perfect job for you and help you achieve your current and future aspirations. We take the time to understand your ambitions, passions, and goals, ensuring a match that propels you towards success. We have no interest in pushing you into the wrong job; instead, we tailor the information you provide us to create a professional resume that significantly increases your chances of securing that crucial interview. We support you every step of the way. Additional services may incur extra costs.
In addition, we offer a proactive service led by Mr. John Jaramillo. If there isn't an existing role that suits you, John will actively search for a suitable job that aligns with your desires and skills, rather than trying to fit you into an existing position. Our aim is to simplify the process and work diligently to help you achieve your dream job.
If you're specifically seeking a chef role, Chef Fernando Stovell or Chef Pablo Aya is the person to contact. You can reach them at

We have a wide range of exciting positions available for talented individuals who are interested in joining our team. These include roles such as




If any of these positions interest you, we invite you to apply by contacting us at We look forward to hearing from you.